Top 10 Agents on Social Media

If you’re not using Instagram to promote your business, then you’re missing out on a huge audience of prospective clients.

Clients are on Instagram, so agents should be on Instagram, too. If you’re wary about dipping your toe into the Instagram waters, worry not: We’ve rounded up 10 real estate agent Instagram accounts worth emulating. Read on to see what Sam Coleman, Marie Lee, and other influential real estate professionals are doing right on Instagram.

Meet the Agents

Sam Coleman

Sam Coleman shares his life as a luxury real estate agent with his 40,000 followers on Instagram,. A Realtor in Las Vegas, he uses his Instagram, @thesamcoleman, to showcase his passion for luxury real estate.

As a luxury Realtor, Sam is also the founder of The Lux Academy where he coaches other agents. Like some of the other agents mentioned on this list, Sam excels in reels, Instagram’s newest feature for viral, short-form video content. Explore Sam’s Instagram and watch his viral reels, boasting 10 million views on his most popular video.

Marie Lee

Marie Lee is a Nashville-based real estate agent. With 11,200 followers, she he uses her account, @movemetotennessee to differentiate her business in the competitive Nashville market.

Marie’s content is primarily focused on providing guidance to her followers about buying or selling their home. She also has videos where she answers common questions that come up when buying or selling a home, from things you should do before moving to things you can expect after closing. In doing so, she helps position herself as a thought leader in the Nashville real estate market.

Scott Bautista

Scott Bautista is an Agent in Washington with Exp Realty. He effectively uses his Instagram, @scottbautista to promote his business. Scott shares a balance of educational information on selling your home for the highest price and tips on finding the perfect home to buy, photos of him and his car, client testimonials, team photos and positive reviews. As a co-founder of the Bautista Twins Real Estate, Scott is able to fuel the growth of his company using his thriving personal social media presence. This helps him target his ideal clients and will also help him get discovered in searches on Instagram. On his account, his 25,000 followers get a look at his personality as well as his expertise.

Cierra Thurman

Cierra Thurman is a Realtor with almost 40,000 followers. She uses her Instagram, @cierra.thurman, to promote herself as a thought leader in Chicago real estate.

On her Instagram, Cierra showcases her recent client successes, homes she’s sold and engaging content that also educates. Cierra often shares her client reviews on Instagram which solidify her position as a reputable agent. Be sure to check out her latest post using the following link!

Daniela Pagani

Daniela’s Instagram excels at branding: All of the content has a clear and consistent aesthetic. Like Mike, Daniela  uses the Instagram highlights feature to organize her stories by topic, and she goes a step further by using custom-made graphics. She also uses both IGTV and reels to share market insights and seller tips with her followers. Additionally, she uses Instagram’s carousel format, which allows users to scroll through up to 10 photos, to learn more about the buying and selling process of their home.

Megann Centeno

Megann Centeno is a Realtor in Ontario, California. She uses her Instagram, @letsmegadeal, to connect with her followers by balancing photos of her home life as well as educational real estate content.

With 24,500 Instagram followers, her content includes tips for people looking to buy a home and educational videos for people thinking about selling. Megann uses her Instagram account to drive traffic to her links in bio, which is an example of effective use of another one of Instagram’s features. Moving or relocating to Ontario? get Megann to be your guide to your new home.

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Chris Perry

Chris Perry is a Realtor based in Washington D.C. One look at Vic’ Instagram account and you can see he realizes the importance of engaging and valuable content. Creator of the “Selling Millions on Instagram” course, Chris helps other agents understand the value the app can have when it comes to real estate. With 28,000 followers on Instagram, he is using his account  @chrisperryrealestate as a launchpad in 2022.

Amress Danner

With charm and personality to spare, Amress is an agent who’s enthusiasm shines in her real estate branding. Implementing a variety of content types, her Instagram is packed with informative and motivating real estate content. By staying consistent and using all that social media has to offer, she saw her brand blossom and grow in 2021 and it will continue to grow into 2022.

Ernest Tamoi Lott

Ernest is a real estate agent and entrepreneur who knows the role social media can play as vibrant marketing channel for his business. His Instagram is full of informative content mixed with behind-the-scenes posts about his life as an agent. Through a mix of videos and engaging graphics, he brings a lot of value to his followers and is able to share his knowledge with future clients. Moving or relocating to Las Vegas? get Ernest to be your guide in the real estate market.

Cassie Morrow

For Cassie it’s not just about building an audience online, it’s about building a community – you can become a part of it today!  With a social media presence that truly stands out, Cassie is consistent in his online presence with valuable and high quality content. She often shares content that highlights Washington real estate and also shares a behind the scenes look at her life as an agent.


Full Month of content

full monthly content calendar
30 posts and captions each month

Get access to a full calendar of ready-to-post social media content. You also get access to our original templates, so you can add your own photos and texts.

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