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The #1 way to get listings this spring

Are you struggling to get listings in your market? If so, you’re not alone. Many willing and able sellers are hesitant to list their homes in today’s market. Although there’s no instant solution to the current inventory shortage, there are steps you can take to attract more clients.

According to a recent survey by realtor.com, 77% of consumers and 44% of agents believe that there’s a housing price bubble where they live. Therefore, if you want to beat your competition and get listings, the best way to do it is to educate your potential clients every step of the way with facts, data, and insights.

Here are some tips to help you get more listings:

Customize your prospecting

Active and passive prospecting are both great ways to combat any market anxiety with cold hard facts. Try filling your social media feed with expert quotes and market insights, using local hashtags to reach new people, creating videos for social media and email that highlight hot real estate topics, and refining your email follow-up campaigns.

Don't underestimate your listing presentation

Your listing presentation is key to securing the sale. Therefore, take a long hard look at it and ask yourself if it starts and ends strong, if it’s focused on the seller’s needs, if it explains your value, and if it develops trust. If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time for a listing presentation refresh. Check out our ready-to-go Listing Presentation template for the latest insights and knowledge.

Enhance your lead follow-up

People make purchases based on value, not just commission. Therefore, when you’re selling yourself to potential clients, ask yourself what you offer that’s bigger and better than what other agents are offering. Your lead follow-up is the perfect place to showcase your value. Try sending emails filled with relevant real estate articles, a Seller Guide, and market data or insights to prove your expertise and provide value.

Data and market insights are your best friend

People trust credible sources, so fill every step of your customer journey with hard data and market insights. From your prospecting to your lead follow-up and listing presentation, use content that answers their questions and puts their needs into your hands. This not only provides value but also establishes trust, which is the most important commodity a real estate agent can offer.

In summary, the key to winning over sellers is confidence. By using real estate insights to fill your prospecting and follow-up communications, you can help potential sellers feel more confident in the market and in your expertise as an agent. Use your marketing to boost confidence in sellers and secure more listings this season. And if you’re short on time, download our FREE Home Seller Guide template for a professionally-designed resource packed with the latest market insights. Get your copy today and get an edge on your competition.

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