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Would you rather build a new construction home or buy a pre-existing home and renovate? Drop your answer below ⬇️

A new month brings new opportunities and goals. What are your goals this month? ⬇️

Flowers are blooming and the weather is heating up, is it time to sell your home?
Here are four reasons to sell your home this spring.
🌸 You may be able to sell your house for more money. Generally speaking, spring is the best time to sell your home for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that you’re likely to maximize the selling price and make the most money on your home sale during the spring months.
🌸 There are more potential buyers in the spring. Once the weather warms up, expect to see an influx of buyers in your market. Many homebuyers, particularly families, begin their homebuying search during the spring months.
🌸 Curb appeal is at an all-time high. Selling your home during the spring is one of the best ways to attract buyers and maximize your selling price simply because the home is sure to look its best.
🌸 It’s better weather for moving. Another pro to selling a home in the spring is that you won’t have to fight snow, ice and bitter cold temps when moving to a new home. You also won’t have to worry about overheating.

Each stage in the home sale timeline looks different and sadly selling your home doesn’t happen overnight. From start to finish, listing your home to closing takes about 2-4 months depending on current market trends.

Are you ready to buy a starter home? 🏡
Here are some signs are you finally ready to buy a starter home and kick renting to the curb.
✅ Your rent is rising
✅ Your credit score is solid
✅ Your debt is manageable
✅ You can afford a down payment
✅ You have enough set aside for maintenance costs
✅ Your lifestyle is stable

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What to look for in a new home 🏡
➡️ House Size
➡️ The Ideal Yard
➡️ The House’s Exterior
➡️ Number of Rooms
➡️ Reliable HVAC
➡️ Roof Condition
‼️ Save this to refer back to as you shop for your dream home.

Did you know a thorough spring cleaning of your home has a number of health benefits? For starters, a clean home can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illnesses. A decluttered house can also reduce stress and depression as well as help avoid injuries. Use this list to help you get started!

When getting ready to sell, it’s important to stage your home but that doesn’t mean investing in major renovations. While it may seem like you can get more bang for your buck, small investments will go a long way. Consider focusing on:
✅ Improving your curb appeal
✅ Decluttering your space
✅ Refreshing your home with window treatments and paint

Pick your dream home! 🏡
– Modern
– Craftsman
– Cabin
Which is your favorite? ⬇️

The typical home buyer uses up to seven years of savings to make a down payment. But did you know there are assistance programs and grants that can make buying your first home more accessible? Give me a call, DM me or reach out to discuss your options today. The typical home buyer uses up to seven years of savings to make a down payment. But did you know there are assistance programs and grants that can make buying your first home more accessible? Give me a call, DM me or reach out to discuss your options today.

Are you looking to buy this spring? The market is heating up! 🔥
Give me a call, or shoot me a DM and let’s get a conversation going about your wants, needs, and timeline!

St. Patrick’s Day Events and Festivities 🍀
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Is 2023 the year you buy your dream home? Time to manifest it!

➡️ Get clear on what you want.
The first step is to get clear on what you want in a home, especially if it’s going to be a new permanent place. Which features are your must haves? What would be nice to have? Are there things you can live without? A swimming pool? A nice front porch?

➡️ Take action steps.
In order to manifest the perfect home for you, you need to take action steps towards making it a reality. This could involve things like saving for a down payment, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, or looking at homes in your desired area and price range. Visualize what you want.
Once you have your list of desired features, the next step is to start visualizing in your mind’s eye what you want the house of your dreams to look like. Doing one visualization exercise every day can really help you get comfortable with what you want. Visualization is a very powerful tool. The best way to do this is to create a vision board.

➡️ Take action steps.
In order to manifest the perfect home for you, you need to take action steps towards making it a reality. This could involve things like saving for a down payment, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, or looking at homes in your desired area and price range.

Yes you can buy a home when you are self-employed, BUT you should be prepared to have adequate documentation to prove you have stable and consistent income. Here are a few things you should have prepared when applying for a mortgage loan.
➡️ Two years of self-employment history documented by tax records
➡️ List of debts and monthly payments for your business
➡️ List of assets (savings accounts, investment accounts, etc.)
➡️ Proof of your business or self-employed status (business license, letters from clients, statements from your accountant, etc.)
➡️ Proof of current rent or mortgage payments

What are some factors that affect your home’s value? Let’s get into it ⬇️

1️⃣ Prices of Comparable Properties
Comparable home sales in the area will influence a home’s listing price. How much have similar homes recently sold for in the community?

2️⃣ The Neighborhood
The desire to be closer to jobs, schools, or public transportation are primary reasons for purchasing a home. Additional factors that can make a neighborhood appealing is: proximity to grocery stores, access to public transportation, quality of schools and/or crime rate.

3️⃣ The Home’s Age and Condition
Age could bring down a home’s value, especially if the home needs work. Buying a fixer-upper can translate to all kinds of additional costs.

4️⃣ Property Size
It goes without saying that a five-bedroom house will probably cost more than a two-bedroom condo in the same area. The size of the lot the home occupies comes into play as well.

5️⃣ The State of the Housing Market
The housing market tends to run in cycles, alternating between favoring buyers and sellers. When supply is low, home prices tend to go up, especially if there’s a surge of buyers.

Now that you know what debt-to-income ratio is, what is a good debt-to-income ratio when buying a home?
✅ Conventional mortgage loans: Most lenders require your DTI to fall below 43%, though some prefer a DTI of 36% or lower for a conventional mortgage.
✅ Non-conventional mortgages: FHA loans call for a front-end ratio (how much of your gross monthly income is spent on housing costs) of no more than 31% and a back-end ratio of 43% or less. VA guideline for an acceptable debt-to-income ratio for a VA loan is 41%.

How do you get the BEST mortgage rate?

➡️ Improve your credit score.

Regardless of the loan you choose, you’re likely to get a better mortgage rate if you have a higher credit score.

➡️ Choose your loan term carefully.

Short-term loans are less risky and, as a result, have lower mortgage rates. The trade-off for these kinds of loans are larger monthly payments since you’re paying off the principal in a shorter time. With a longer-term loan, you spread the payments over a longer period of time, leading to lower monthly payments with a higher interest rate.

➡️ Make a larger down payment.

Simply put, the more money you put down towards your mortgage, the less you will owe on the loan. If you can make a larger down payment, you could have more equity in your home from the start. Not only will you need to repay less principal (the amount you owe on a loan excluding interest), you’ll also pay less interest over the life of the loan since it is calculated on the principal owed.

➡️ Rate locks

To potentially reduce the impact of mortgage rate changes before you close on a home loan, consider locking in your interest rate. A rate lock avoids increased rates before closing on your mortgage. You may need to pay a fee to lock in a rate, but this could be worth it if you suspect rates may change.

It’s important to hire a professional to take listing photos, but it’s also important to prepare your home for those photos. Here are a few tips to ensure your listing photos will sell your home.
✅ Eliminate any and all distractions
✅ Stage the home for photos
✅ Clean windows to show off views and emphasize natural light
✅ Photograph the home’s best features

Are you tired of having a landlord?
Give me a call and let’s discuss your buying options! 📲

What are the worst parts of renting?
➡️ You Cannot Build Equity
➡️ You Can’t Make Any Renovations
➡️ Your Landlord Can Increase Rent at Anytime
➡️ No Tax Benefits
Are you ready to experience the pros of owning a home and say goodbye to the worst parts of renting? ⬇️

An FHA loan is a government-backed mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA home loans require lower minimum credit scores and down payments than many conventional loans, which makes them especially popular with first-time homebuyers.

What determines interest rates ‼️
➡️ Supply and Demand
Interest rate levels are a factor of the supply and demand of credit: an increase in the demand for money or credit will raise interest rates, while a decrease in the demand for credit will decrease them. Conversely, an increase in the supply of credit will reduce interest rates while a decrease in the supply of credit will increase them.
➡️ Inflation
Inflation will also affect interest rate levels. The higher the inflation rate, the more interest rates are likely to rise.
➡️ The government has a say in how interest rates are affected. The U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) often makes announcements about how monetary policy will affect interest rates.

You’re officially a homeowner! Now what!?
Make sure you have all the tools you need handy in your toolkit for basic repairs and home projects.
✅ Tape Measure
✅ Screwdriver
✅ Hammer
✅ Pliers
✅ Utility Knife
✅ Step Ladder
✅ Stud Finder
✅ Ratcheting Wrench and Socket Set

Launch your seller guide

Get more seller leads

Start generating seller leads with your new home seller guide

Why should you work with a Buyer’s Agent?
✅ Buyer’s agents are personal property curators. They handpick properties based on your wants, needs, and must haves.
✅ Insider knowledge on properties and seller situations. In many markets, transactions happen before the property ever hits the market. In neighborhoods with low inventory levels, buyer’s agents have been known to send out marketing letters to homes that buyers had an interest in. Some have had success in getting sellers to contact them before the property went on the market
✅ Top Price Negotiators. Making an offer and negotiating with a seller can be one of the most difficult and stressful parts of the home buying process. But, top buyer’s agents have gone through this many times, and likely have seen all the tricks in the trade. Not only do they develop detailed analysis on comps to help you understand what similar homes are worth, they’ll also help you figure out the best bidding and negotiation strategy. So you can get the right home at the right price.

➡ Get a personalized demo and see how you can better optimize your online presence to reach more people, and ultimately get new clients.

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Since hashtags are an effective way to expand your reach on social media, you may be tempted to cram your posts full of them. This is not recommended.

Social media sites are clever enough to tell when someone is using hashtags to improve their post, and when people are simply spamming the site. You might not get your post flagged or removed for having too many hashtags, but at a certain point the social media platforms will simply ignore them.

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